The worldwide spread of the virus is on the headlines all over the world. Not only that, these unfortunate event caused many necessities in life such as masks. We want to help people better prepare themselves for any potential outbreak. The Free Reusable Fabric Mask pattern is available for everyone. A new video tutorial is now available for the coming spring season!

Learn how to make a fabric face mask at home easy and FREE! Since this cotton cloth mask making isn’t for surgical mask design, you can use any fabric you like to make this fabric face mask DIY. We have made a pattern in 3 of the most common sizes, including children, women and men. And also tested on ourselves and family members. We now use such masks everywhere and are happy to share our experience with you. We believe that sewing cloth masks ourselves is not only an easy way to protect yourself during viral epidemics, save the family budget, but also not harm nature by throwing medical masks made of difficult-to-recycle synthetic materials into the trash every day. Cloth mask making at home is so easy and fun for beginners!



You will find the downloads at this link: